Samir A Joshi

Samir A Joshi

Virar Homoeopathic Medical College, India

Title: Homoeopathic management of gout


Dr. Samir A. Joshi, attached to virar homoeopathic medical college , as reader in the dept . of pathology and microbiology. Since last 12 yrs. And 8 months. I am doing consultation in homoeopathy since past 16 yrs.


Gout : A genetic or acquired disorder of uric acid metabolism that leads to hyperuricemia and consequent acute and chronic arthritis. This basically occurs because of body fluids getting oversaturated with monosodium urate .MONOSODIUM URATE getting deposited in and around joint in the form of crystals giving rise to inflammation of the joints. Recurrent episodes of acute inflammation of joints give rise to distructive changes in the joints. MONOSODIUM URATE crystals can also get deposited in other tissues giving rise to inflammatory foci. In this discussion my aim will be to view GOUT IN LIGHT OF HOMOEOPATHY . To correlate etio pathogenesis and pathology involved in gout with the symptomatology of the remedies in homoeopathic material medica . To discuss various homoeopathic medicines which play important role in controlling acute as well as chronic phase of gout. With case presentation. And to discuss overall management of gout.

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