Sampath Kumar M.C

Sampath Kumar M.C

B.M.S College of engineering, India

Title: Cleaner practices through optimization of resources and geoinformatics


Sampath kumar M. C is faculty at the Civil Engineering Department at B. M. S. College of Engineering, Bangalore, India. He is involved in teaching, research and environmental application activities. His area of interest is in the field of remote sensing and GIS for natural resources conservation.


The paper describes the studies conducted on application of cleaner technology practices and its impact on environment in four industries at different geographical locations. The industries under investigation were a Distillery, power tool industry, Pharmaceutical Industry and a Battery Industry. The studies involved industry specific issues such as cleaner production, substitution of process chemicals, use of alternate raw materials and process modification. The attributes under consideration varied from energy consumption, water balance, industrial solid waste handling and ambient noise levels. The studies were supplemented with estimation of carbon credits and economics. Studies were further facilitated by geoinformatics tools involving GPS suveys, remote sensing and GIS to assess the impact on ground water quality by sampling and characterization of 70 ground water samples around these industries spread on a vast geographical area. Based on these studies, need based solutions have been arrived to minimise environmental damage and strengthen green initiatives which has brought a distinct change in the quality of work practices in these industries and community at large.

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