Sandhya Ghai is working as a Principal at National Institute of Nursing Education, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research Chandigarh, India. She graduated and postgraduated from same institute. She received doctorate degree from Panjab University, Chandigarh. She published more than 100 papers in national and international journals. She was awarded with Best Educationist Award and is Life member of many organizations. She inaugurated and chaired many sessions in conferences, workshops, etc.


Introduction: Venipunture can be classifi ed as a minor invasive procedure but for children it is accompanied by pain, fear and anxiety. Health care professionals in the clinical setting have a responsibility to reduce pain and anxiety as much as possible while maintaining patient safety. Hence this study was carried out with objective to assess the eff ectiveness of animated cartoons as a distraction strategy to reduce perception of pain and fear among children of 3-6 years age undergoing venipuncture. Method and Material: Th e study was conducted for a period of 8 weeks. Th e study sample was 50 children of 3-6 years age who were undergoing venipuncture, through purposive sampling method. During the fi rst venipuncture, children were assessed at pre, during and post venipuncture for perception of pain and fear with routine care only and during the second venipuncture with routine care and animated cartoon. FLACC, behaviour pain scale and Ottawa Georgia mood scale were used in the study. Result: Th e animated cartoon was found signifi cantly eff ective in reducing the perception of pain and fear among children undergoing venipuncture. Th e results revealed that there is signifi cantly (p<0.001) less pain related behavioural responses as well as decreased perception of fear with animated cartoons as intervention at pre, during and post venipuncture. It is an eff ective, easy, economical, and non-pharmacological intervention which needs limited training and can be used in clinical setting.

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