Sanjay Solanki

Sanjay Solanki

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, India

Title: Vedic vibrational healing: First of its kind unconventional healing system: Non-intrusive: Highly efficacious


Sanjay Solanki, aged 41, is a member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and The Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India. He is not formally trained in any form of medicine – mainstream or alternative. The system of healing pioneered by him is unique and a panacea to many chronic health problems. His method of healing has received high appreciation including specialist doctors (testimonials available on V-Heal can revolutionize understanding of disease and it alleviation.


1. V-Heals is an innovative and transformational system of healing. This system of healing does not have any dependence on any of the existing systems of healing. It is based on vibrations / cosmic energies. Delivery of vibrational energy is based on vedic methods. 2. V-Heal is a personalized health solution. It is based on each individual’s unique energy field. 3. V-Heal is non-intrusive. A vedic device viz., V-Heal is designed based on each individual’s enegy field. The victim just needs to wear it. Within a short span of three to four months, significant changes in medical condition of the victim can be observed. This system of healing does not require any changes in existing life style. 4. V-Heal is highly efficacious. We have successfully treated people with diabetes, psoriasis, migraine, lower back pain to name a few. 5. The therapy is truly holistic as well as integrative in nature. Besides, disease alleviation, V-Heal increases immunity and vitality of the person. In other words, it balances and harmonizes the entire body. The victim can also continue with other methods of treatment.

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