Sanjaya S. Gaur

Sanjaya S. Gaur

Auckland University, Newzealand

Title: Emerging marketing issues and challenges in the hospitality sector


Sanjaya Singh Gaur is an Associate Professor of Sales and Marketing at Auckland University of Technology. He joined the Business School at AUT University to take a leadership role in Sales discipline in 2007. He also holds the position of an independent director on the board of Bank of India New Zealand Limited. Sanjaya’s experience in academia spans over two decades and includes research, consulting, teaching and training. Some of his research has appeared in journals such as JMS, EJM, IRRDCR, MSQ, TMR, APJML and AJM. Besides being active in research and teaching, Dr Gaur has also been consultant to several multinational companies


Economic importance of the hospitality industry is well established. But it has its own issues and challenges. Customers’ increasing expectations for better quality at lower price from hospitality organizations (Dube and Renagan, 2000 cited in O’Neill and Mattila, 2004) are significant contributors to challenges being faced by the industry. Business managers in the hospitality industry across the globe face the challenges such as: continuously satisfying guests, highlighting hotel attributes (Wuest et al., 1996) and ensuring that guests make a repeat visit (Dominici and Guzzo, 2010). Our research (Rishi and gaur, 2012) provides an overview of the emerging sales and marketing challenges faced by the global hospitality industry. Analytically identified themes in this research provide valuable insights on marketing issues and challenges for the policy makers and practitioners from the hospitality industry. Findings are based on the analyses of real customer data from the world’s leading tourist destinations. This makes our research very valuable for both practitioners in the hospitality industry around the globe as well as for academicians working in this area. My presentation is based on the following paper: Meghan Rishi and Sanjaya S. Gaur, (2012) "Emerging sales and marketing challenges in the global hospitality industry: A thematic analysis of customer reviews from the world's top two tourist destinations", Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes, Vol. 4 Iss: 2, pp.131 – 149