Sanjeev Gaikwad

Sanjeev Gaikwad

Cytec Aerospace Materials, USA

Title: Challenges in adoption of composites in aerospace


Sanjeev Gaikwad has over 20 years of experience in developing commercial applications for advanced materials. He has helped organizations in diverse markets such as automotive, commercial vehicle, consumer packaged goods, and aerospace in applications development using high performance polymers, advanced aluminum alloys, and carbon fiber composites. He is currently the Global Marketing Manager for Cytec Aerospace Materials. He has a Masters in Polymer Eng. From The University of Akron, OH and an MBA from Cleveland State University, OH.


The presentation reviews history of composites usage in aerospace and current status. Technological and commercial drivers that have aided in increasing composites content on new aircraft are discussed. The current status of adoption of composites is presented with examples of commercial successes. The presentation will compare composites adoption in rotary wing aircraft and business jets with efforts to use composites on large commercial aircraft and military fighter aircraft. A hypothesis that integration of multiple new technologies in a new platform can significantly hinder success of all technologies is examined in several cases where composite materials adoption is being challenged. The conclusion identifies necessary elements of risk reduction that will drive greater adoption of state-of-art and advanced composite materials.

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