Sara Chimthanawala

Sara Chimthanawala

Integrated Healing Forum, India

Title: Homoeopathy & Radionics


Saraah Chimthanawala who comes from a well known family of Homeopaths, a gold medallist, is a home-opathic practitioner, a healer par excellence & wellness coach. She has been practicing Homeopathy since over two decades, but has never been a conventional Homeopathic practitioner, taking down long case his-tories of her patients. She has been blessed with the gift of healing from The Divine & has healed all kinds of patients, right from a simple common cold to chronic TB, Hypertension, Rheumatism, Diabetes, Cancer, Ulcers, Psoriasis, Eczema's and more.


Homeopathy is a system of medicine founded on a definite law ‘Similia Similibus Curantur’ which means ‘like cures like’. The word Homeopathy is a Greek derivation where ‘homeos’ means ‘similar and pathos means ‘suffering’. The recognition of this law was there even before Hahnemann. Paracelus, Hippocrates, and ancient ayurvedic texts have on occasions mentioned this law. But it was Hahnemann who recognized the universality of this law and lifted it from oblivion to make it the basis of a complete system of medicine. According to this system, the choice of the medicine is fundamentally based on the principle that the medicine must have the capability of producing most similar symptoms of the disease to be cured in healthy persons. In aphorism 26 of ‘Organon of Medicine’, Hahnemann states this law: “A weaker dynamic affection is permanently extinguished in the living organism by a stronger one, if the latter (whilst differing in kind) is very similar to the former in its manifestations.”
Theory of Vital Force: It is Homeopathy which stresses the existence and operation of the vital force in a living organism. The human organism is a triune entity consisting of body, mind, and spirit. This spirit which is responsible for different manifestations of life was termed by Dr. Hahnemann as ‘Vital Force’. To understand what the energy of life – the vital force – is, one should reflect on the world, the universe and its laws for a moment: The planets in our solar system circle the sun, directed by the influence of its energy. The moon circles the earth, influencing with its energy the creatures and oceans. If this energy wouldn’t be in balance all the time, it is easy to see, that soon, the universe would end up in chaos. There is order in the universe. Everything is in balance. There is a constant interaction of energies, forces, action and reaction. There is no coincidence; every effect proceeds from a cause. There are natural laws like the laws of gravity, magnetism and static. They are all based on certain kinds of energy. So are sound and light, to mention just a few. It therefore seems reasonable, to assume, that life itself should be based on natural laws too …Laws of energy that govern our life. Vital force is the concept which accepts the existence of a spirit like energy that drives the living body both in health and disease. This vital force or spirit has nothing to do with any religious belief; it is a concept of pure science. As science accepts that life is not the mere aggregation of some flesh, blood and bones; as it accepts that a living cell is not just some cytoplasm, mitochondria, Golgi bodies, Nucleus and DNA or RNA. Homoeopathy believes that this is the vital force that determines our state of health throughout the life. A healthy vital force maintains healthy mind and bodily state, where as when the vital force is weakened by some external force, disease occurs. Even little derangement of our vital force initiates sense of discomfort. Matter and energy interchange in the electro-dynamic field. This field is measurable in terms of waveforms, composed of frequency, wavelength and amplitude. This is a given fact by laws of physics. Now if everything in the universe vibrates at its own frequency, this also means the vital force, the electro-dynamic field of a living body, has to vibrate at its own frequency too. Important to know is, that though every substance vibrates at its own frequency, the vibration will increase when stimulated by a similar frequency. The vital force has to respond and adjust on every stimulus it is exposed to. To most minor stimuli we are exposed to in daily life, the vital force can respond and adjust easily and unnoticably. If however, the stimulus’ strength is stronger than the vital force itself, it is forced to adjust in such a way, that the consequences are now perceivable by the trinity of body, mind and spirit.The concept of resonance clearly shows that every stimulus has an affect on the vital force and it either can adjust or respond to it without remarkable symptoms or with remarkable symptoms – depending on whether the stimulus is stronger or weaker than the vital force itself.Since the vital force can be assumed to be the electro-magnetic field, based on energy, there is only one way to strengthen it, one real way for cure: this is by energetic medicine, which is got by potentization in Homoeopathy. [Potentization of medicines is an indepth study itself & can be obtained from the Organnon Books or on different sites}

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