Sarah E Cavanaugh

Sarah E Cavanaugh

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, USA

Title: Alcoholism and mental illness: Overlapping diseases requiring a renewed focus


Sarah E Cavanaugh, PhD received her doctorate in microbiology and immunology from Drexel University College of Medicine. She researches and performs critical analyses of animal models of alcohol addiction and related conditions with the hope of improving the translation potential of alcohol-related research to human patients.


The presentation lecture will explain about the overlap between alcohol addiction and mental illness, and the need for more specialized research regarding this patient population. Alcohol use disorders remain a substantial public health concern, due to the many physical, psychological, and social effects of alcohol abuse. Harmful drinking contributes to disorders of all major organ systems, development of several cancers, and leads to over 2.5 millions deaths in the United States every year. Infectious diseases such as HIV and other sexually transmitted infections have been linked to alcohol abuse, likely due to both risky behavior and alcohol-induced suppression of the immune system.

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