Sarah Gilpin received her Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. Her area of study was the penetration of natural fragrance ingredients and potential skin allergy effects. She is a research toxicologist at Kao USA, a successful global personal care company. She has published several papers in reputed journals, serves on the editorial review board for journals in ocular and skin science, and has also co-published several chapters on various topics related to skin biology and toxicology.


Personal care and cosmetic product safety is currently of great interest to many consumers, regulators, non-governmental organizations and dermatologists. Cosmetic safety has come under increased scrutiny of late due to the increased perception that they are unregulated and unsafe. Th is talk will aim to inform interested clinicians about the safety testing platforms employed by reputable companies in the United States, and globally. I will discuss some of the traditional toxicology related to the review of ingredients and then testing on fi nished products. I will also discuss new alternative methods, such as in silico and computational computing assessments, TTC, and in vitro cell culturing, that are becoming used more frequently due to the global regulatory restrictions on some types of testing, and as science advances to better screen and evaluate ingredients and products. Brief mention will also be made on the post-market surveillance process and its utility. Th is talk should help dermatologists to learn more about how personal care companies assess and ensure consumer safety and enjoyment of product use.

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