Saras Henderson has extensive experience in nursing education. She has a Master degree in Education and has successfully obtained grants to develop best practice in nursing education. She has won two ‘Excellence in Teaching Awards’ and in 2012 she received a ‘Highly Commended Award’ in inclusive teaching. A/Professor Saras Henderson is interested in how students are motivated and become effective adult learners especially students from CALD backgrounds. She also has expertise in community nursing and her research includes culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities and health service delivery and self- management of chronic diseases.


Understanding issues with teaching and learning for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) learners will increase the capacity of nurse academics in supporting CALD learners to become socialised into the culture of the university and succeed in their studies.Literature indicates nurse academics need to engage in cultural inclusive teaching practices to meet the needs of CALD learners and move away from using a mono-cultural approach. More importantly, nurse educators need to be mindful that they do not stereotype learners based on their cultural background but instead refl ect and askquestions such as: Is my classroom atmosphere open and positive for all students? How can I encourage collaborative as opposed to competitive learning between my students? How can I ensure my students feel comfortable learning in a culturally diverse environment? How do I help students from disadvantaged and diverse cultural backgrounds so they do not feel inadequate compared to their peers? By refl ecting on these questions, nurse academics can createa supportive learning environment and use teaching approaches that resonate with intercultural pedagogy, especially those that promote interdependence and collective sharing of knowledge. In this paper, the author shares cultural inclusive teaching practices,such as, engaging students in collective dialogue, optimizing on CALD students’ lived experience in role paly, and promoting peer teaching, that they had used successfully to infl uence, motivate and inspire students to learn.

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