Senthilkumar Gandhidasan is a radiation oncology resident from Australia with a background in public health and health informatics


This study examines the implementation of an oncology information system (OIS) at two Sydney hospitals for critical success factors. A literature review identified factors promoting and hindering implementation, and guided interview development. Thirteen radiation oncologists (RO) from both hospitals undertook focused semi-structured interviews. Two external ROs assessed the validity of the survey instrument, and two researchers independently used NVIVO software to code concepts and issues for analysis to ensure accuracy and comprehensiveness. Four years post-implementation, Hospital A used the OIS for all its clinical work, while Hospital B had very limited usage, a difference which correlated with a gap in the clinical leadership at the time of implementation and lack of a vision to become paperless in Hospital B. Senior management commitment, end-user ownership, training and education, and a conducive environment were all identified as critical factors for successful implementation. In time, the Hospital B department gained a Head Department, and now ten years later the OIS has greater use. This follow up highlights clinical leadership again as the most crucial factor for successful OIS implementation. The improved clinical workflow was appreciated at both hospitals. Successful implementation practices require clinical leadership.

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