Serdar AY received B.Eng. degree in mechanical engineering from Technical University of Istanbul in 1992, Istanbul,Turkey, a Master’s Degree in mechanical engineering from Eskisehir Osmangazi University in 2003, Eskisehir, Turkey, and the PhD degree from aerospace engineering The Aeronautics and Space Technologies Institute (ASTIN) of TurkishAir Force Academy (TuAFA), Istanbul,Turkey. He has been working as a military lecturer at the Turkish Air Force Academy (TuAFA), Istanbul,Turkey since 2007. His research interests are kinematics and work spaces of parallel mechanisms.


A geometric approach to the determination of reachable workspace of the planar Stewart Platform Mechanism (SPM) is presented. Reachable workspace is the region which consists of points that the coordinate system attached to the geometric center of moving platform reach whatever orientation of moving platform in planar or spatial movements. In this study, the reachable workspace of a planar Stewart Platform Mechanism (SPM) is determined by utilizing a novel geometrical method. The reachable workspace obtained via the proposed geometric is compared with the constant orientation workspace via discretization method in accordance with attainable points.The proposed method is straightforward to present all attainable points of the planar mechanism for all possible leg configurations as all constraints dealing with legs and joints are taken into consideration.