Sergei Nekhai

Sergei Nekhai

Howard University School of Medicine, USA

Title: Role of heme-oxygenase-1 and ferroportin in HIV-1 infection


Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Howard UniversityCurrent HIV/AIDS Research Activities: Regulation of HIV-1 transcription by host cell CDK2 and protein phosphatase-1 Effect of iron chelators and hypoxia on activation of HIV-1 transcription Design of small molecule inhibitors of HIV-1 Tat-protein phosphatase-1 interaction and HIV-1 transcription Effect of abnormal hypoxic response in Sickle Cell Disease and Chuvash polycythemia in development of pulmonary hypertension Current HIV/AIDS Educational Activities: Virology Course (viral structure, immunology and pathogenesis) for graduate students, Department of Microbiology, Howard University Viral Diagnostics in Microbiology for Nursing Students, Department of Microbiology, Howard University Supervision of graduate students (total 8 minority Ph.D. students for the past 10 years); postdoctoral fellows and junior faculties Current HIV/AIDS Clinical Activities: Journal reviewer: Journal of Biological Chemistry; Retrovirology; American Society for Cancer Research; Future Medicine; Current HIV-1 Research; Nature Microbiology Reviews; Gene Therapy; Journal of Molecular Medicine; Journal of Cellular Physiology; Grant reviewer: AIDS Fonds (Netherlands) Direct Proteomics Core Facility for Howard University Direct analysis of hemoglobin using HPLC (free service for community)


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