Sergey Mirov received PhD in physics in 1983, from the P. N Lebedev Physics Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Since 1993, Dr. Mirov is a faculty at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Currently, he is a university professor of physics at the UAB and director of the Center for Optical Sensors and Spectroscopies. Dr. Mirov is a Fellow of the Optical Society of America, and member of the American Physics Society, and SPIE. He has authored or co-authored over three hundred ninety scientific publications, has published 1 book, several book chapters, and holds twenty patents.


Recent progress in fabrication of high-quality thermo-diffusion doped polycrystalline and hot-pressed ceramic Cr2+doped ZnSe and ZnS gain media as well as nano and micro-crystalline laser active powders, powders in the liquid suspension, and polymer-film are reported. Demonstration of mid-IR lasing in Cr:ZnSe waveguide structures and the first laser oscillation of the Cr:ZnSe/As2S3:As2Se3 composite materials will be described.These composite materials are very promising for mid-IR fiber-laser applications. Progress in the technology of fabrication of high-quality uniformly doped TM:ZnSe/S gain elements in combination with proper thermal management and cavities design enabled demonstration of high power; high energy; tunable (1.9-3.3 um), mid-IR Cr:ZnS/Se lasers operating in CW(>20 W), gain-switched (>20 [email protected]) and long pulse(>1 [email protected]) regimes. We will also report on recent progress in development of new gain media for tunable (3-8 µm) mid-IR lasers as well as Fe:ZnS/Se lasers operating in CW (>1.5W), gain-switched (>1 [email protected]@1kHz) and long-pulse (>0.5 [email protected] µs) regimes. In addition to effective RT mid-IR lasing transition metal (TM) doped II-VI media, being wide band semiconductors, hold potential for direct electrical excitation. Possible promising routes for achieving mid-IR lasing under electrical excitation will be discussed.

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