Dr. Shaikh Nikhat completed her post graduation in medicine branch from Unani system of medicine in 2010 from Maharashtra University of Health Science Nashik. I have 4years experience as lecturer in Dr.M.I.J.T.Unani Medical College Mumbai. Presently working as a Research Officer (Unani) at Regional Research Institute of Unani Medicine Chennai under the Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine, Department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health & F W, Govt. of India), New Delhi. I have more than five research publications in reputed Journals. 14- Papers presented as a Resource Faculty in National &International conferences. I have participated in 35 International & National Conferences, Workshops, and CMEs / Seminars to upgrade the skill, great networking and learning opportunity.


An open randomized clinical trial was conducted in 30 patients (of either sex) of Ziabetus Shakri (diabetes mellitus) to find out “The efficacy of Unani Regimen- Hijama Maá Shurt (Wet Cupping Therapy) in the management of Ziabetus Shakri (Type-II Diabetes Mellitus) in the OPD of Dr.M.I.J.T.Unani Medical College Mumbai. They were divided in two equal groups (test and control group).The test group was treated with oral Unani formulations Safoof methi 6gm twice a day. (oral) and Sirka-e-Jamoon 20 ml after meal.(oral) along with Hijama Maá Shurt /wet cupping therapy (particular points for diabetes) on every 17th of lunar month while control group was treated with only oral Unani formulations (Safoof methi 6gm twice a day (orally) and Sirka-e-Jamoon 20 ml after meal). The total duration of treatment was 90 days. The assessment criteria were on the basis of biochemical parameters and improvement in the clinical sign & symptoms of Ziabetus Shakri (Type II Diabetes Mellitus). It has been observed that there was remarkable improvement in polyuria, polyphagia & polydipsia in test group comparatively in the control group. similarly in numbness, healing of cuts and wounds, burning, sensation etc. were improved in the test group comparative to control group. Similarly in the biochemical parameter the test group shown statistically significant effects on reducing the blood sugar level fasting and post prandial (P < 0.6770 & P < 0.0896) respectively. It has quite significant effect in reducing the serum cholesterol and raised LFTs (Serum Bilirubin & SGOT, SGPT) respectively (p <0.0700 & p<0.3683). It has also quite significant effect for reducing the sugar present in fasting and postprandial urine chemical examination (p < 0.0972 & 0.4795) in the test and control group respectively. It can be concluded that oral Unani formulations (Safoof methi 6gm and Sirka-e-Jamoon 20ml twice a day orally) along with Hijama Maá Shurt /wet cupping therapy is safe and effective for the management of Ziabetus Shakri (Type-II Diabetes mellitus).
Key words: Ziabetus Shakri, Unani system of medicine, Hijama Maá Shurt, Wet cupping therapy

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