Sharique Zafar

Sharique Zafar

Holistic Health Care and Research Organization, India

Title: Importance of hijamah (cupping therapy) in the current health scenario


Prof. Dr. Sharique Zafar is a professor, researcher, trainer, writer, editor, socio-medical activist, research guide, qualified as M.D. Unani Medicine, Ph.D. Ayurveda. President of the Holistic Health Care & Research Organization. Has teaching and training experience of more than 22 years. Chief Editor of “Holistic Health Care and Research” an international quarterly peer reviewed journal of health sciences. Earned many prestigious awards, member of many reputed committees and associations, and is involved in many activities in collaboration with different national and international organizations.


The Hijamah (Cupping) is an ancient method of treatment in which a jar is attached to the skin surface to cause local congestion through the negative pressure. It has been practiced in the treatment and cure of broad range of conditions by the Chinese and Arab physicians and therapists for thousands of years. In Islamic world it is an authentic tradition of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that is still followed as Hijamah by the Muslims throughout the world. In China, it has been claimed for warming and promoting the free flow of chi or qi and blood in the channels. The technique of cupping has been improved by the time from hollowed animal horns to bamboo cups, which were replaced by glass cups. Recently plastic magnetic cups, rubber and metal cups are available with vacuum pumps in different sizes and shapes. Findings of experts suggested that cupping is effective to promote well-being and effective for pain, inflammations, musculoskeletal disorders, visceral dysfunctions, gynecological, neurological and psychosomatic ailments, varicose veins, lymphatic blockages, deep tissue problems, blockages of life force and energy channels etc. Different aspects of Hijamah like introduction and history; apparatus, techniques, areas, points, preconditions, preparations, indications, benefits, efficacy, contra-indications, precautions, post Hijamah procedures, recent researches, our experiences etc. shall be discussed in the presentation.

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