Shawn Paul Boike

Shawn Paul Boike

American Industrial Consultants, USA

Title: Aerospace industry a world view & America’s future


Shawn Paul Boike has consulted & lead teams for; McDonnel1 Douglas, the USAF’s IMIP, HCL Aerospace, PPG Aerospace, Honeywell, Boeing, AAR, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin. He has over 28 years experience in Aerospace & Product Development, (16 Aircraft) on the B2 Bomber, USAF One, F20, F18, C17, MD11, T45, MD90, MRUAV, 777. 787, 747-8, Apache helicopter, 3 Rocket ships; ALS, Atlas II, Atlas IIAS, Manager on EV's; GM-EV1, Samsungs EV4, Mina's REVA and many other high tech programs. Founder of: American Industrial Consultants & Solution Vehicles Co. and gained a BSME from MSU and a MBA from San SDSU.


Those who lead in this key industry will lead in GDP. This tradable industry which can be exportable is currently valued at $7 ½ Trillion in 20 years or $4 Trillion in commercial aircraft only. The nations that have grown the most have pursued this from engineering and building automobiles then aerospace and selling them outside of their nation, this creates a higher standard of living. You will see the evolution and buildup of the Aerospace Industry to the fall/demise of America’s Aerospace Industry the largest U.S. GDP creation and the economic impact on this exportable product of trade. We technically have overcome the sonic boom with a sonic burp by intelligent design. So, why does our own NASA have plans to only go Mach 5 (like SR-71 5o years ago) as a prototype out to 2020 because, that’s all we’ve allowed ourselves to progress in the last 20 plus years? We conclude with valuable Future Focus with realistic programs and plans that will generate huge growth and prosperity into the next decades or century to lead the World both in aviation & space markets along with finding a future energy solution. With an optimistic belief the next generation can learn from past mistakes and understand the future doesn’t have to be like the past and demanding to make the Future better - similar to our Race to Space and the moon. In this pursuit one’s destiny is limitless.

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