Sherif Salah Consultant of clinical immunology vets. Medicine Cairo university, Innovator of three Pharmaceuticals in Egyptian Market , won three International Prize “Gold Medals” in Genève, Romania and Italy in Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation EUROINVENT ,two silver Medals in Korea and Moscow in [Antiviral compositions for treatment of HCV & HBV] in 2012 and awarded two patents of invention in treatment of hepatitis C virus, WO 2008/092466 A1, and treatment of liver cancer WO 2009/138094 A1. G.P.O


This study introduces a new approach for HIV eradication based on a new enzyme combination (reverse transcriptase and DNA polymerase) formula for inhibiting and/or preventing this disease. The pilot study was done on ten patients who were all positive for HIV antibodies, and were never treated with antiretroviral medications. Those patients were registered under surveillance by HIV/AIDS Control Department at the Egyptian Ministry of Health (MOH). All of these patients have the same clinical symptoms of HIV/AIDS and consented to take this combination therapy in the form of subcutaneous injection of 0.1 cc twice daily for 24 weeks. At the end of therapeutic protocol, all of the patients' viral loads were undetectable (less than 16 copies/ml); also there was a significant increase in their CD4 cells counts to over 500 cells/μL. According to these findings, this treatment protocol may be promising therapeutic modality for treating HIV-1 infection causing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

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