Shilpa Bhilegaonkar

Rajaram and Tarabai Bandekar College of Pharmacy,INDIA

Title: Can excluding pharmaceuticals from patenting will lead to cost effective and quality drugs / biosimilars ?


Shilpa Bhilegaonkar is working as assistant professor in the Department of Pharmaceutics in PESs Rajaram and Tarabai Bandekar College of Pharmacy, Ponda,Goa. She has completed her Masters in Pharmacy from S.N.D.T. University, Mumbai, in the year 2004 and earned a doctoral degree in pharmaceutical sciences, from NMIMS, Mumbai, in the year 2011. She has published and presented many papers in the area of Pharmaceutics. Her research interest is novel techniques for bio availability enhancement as well as combination dosage forms. Apart from curriculum, she one of the founder member of Aushadh Suraksha Abhiyan, Initiated by Indian Pharmaceutical Association, Goa Branch.


Whenever an innovator molecule is launched in the sector of pharmaceuticals it will be granted with the patent for about 15 years to recover the cost they have invested in launching the molecule. This obviously led to higher cost of that molecule which sometimes is not affordable to poor people especially in economically backward countries. As the intention of our field is to provide safer medication and good health, we cannot deprive anyone from the best molecule for treatment which is available on the grounds of cost. To low down the cost of innovator sometimes affects the budget of Innovator Company. Is excluding pharmaceuticals from patenting can be answer to cost effective medicines, wherein the innovator will license his product to certified manufacturing companies and will take the some share from their sale till the cost is recovered. This will solve the innovators problem also to supply the product in required amount globally. After the licensing is over the generic companies can manufacture the product with the same formula, which will save the cost in generic development of the same molecule, bioequivalence trials of the molecules as well as it will slow down the marketing and brand maintenance cost as only one brand will be available. The saved cost by generics might can be utilized in new products , new technologies which will boost the basic research in pharmacy. Also they can focus on QbD for the development of new products as the load on research scientist will be less leading to quality medicines.