Shivadeo Bapat

Shivadeo Bapat

Maharashtra Medical Foundation, India

Title: A new dawn in urology with the advent of lasers


Shivadeo Bapat is in Urological practice in Pune-India since 1967. He had held various positions in the Urological Society of India including its President in 1995-96. He had received many gold medals and the highest National Award-Dr. BC Roy Award conferred by the President of India (1997). Written a unique “Video Book” as a teaching aid for endoscopic surgery where operations are shown on video step by step. He introduced many new instruments and operations. Many research papers published in national and international journals. Currently, he is working as a Professor and Head of the Department of Urology at the Maharashtra Medical Foundation, Pune – India.


Urology is a branch of surgery. With the advent of newer instruments and a better understanding of the human body, Urology now has been accepted as an independent specialty. My endeavor is to present to you how the various instruments developed by you – “THE FACULTY OF ALL ENGINEERS” – are being put to use in our day to day clinical practice with special reference to the LASERS. Holmium laser is the most commonly used laser in urology due to the fact that it is cuts soft tissue with precision, with the depth of penetration of only 0.5 millimeter and it can break any urinary stone. It has a unique property of cutting and coagulating the soft tissue at the same time thus minimizing bleeding. Larger bleeding points can be effectively sealed with defocused beam. Holmium energy can be effectively passed through a flexible and thin glass fiber rendering its convenient use in slender flexible scopes. Presentation will include short video clips showing numerous applications of the Holmium laser in the day-to-day urological practice. Complex procedures can be performed as minimally invasive surgeries with greatly reduced pain and discomfort to the patient.Holmium Laser has been a greatest boon to the Urologists. Since the acquisition of the Holmium Laser, the quality of our work has immensely improved and our patients are getting the benefits of safe & good surgery with early recovery and return to their work.

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