Shivaprasad Ch

Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University, India

Title: Molecular genetic characterization of Dahlem red layers


Shivaprasad Ch is currently working in Sri Venkineswara Veterinary University, India. His research interest on Molecular genetic characterizinion


A total of one hundred Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers were utilized to detect the DNA polymorphisms in a total of 48 full sib mated, half sib mated and non-in bred groups of Dahlem Red birds. Twenty one percent of the primers tested yielded distinct polymorphic RAPD profiles. Out of 341 amplified bands 204 bands (59.82 %) were found to be polymorphic. The genetic similarity based on band sharing within group ranged from 83.94 to 87.90 %, based on band frequency ranged from 81.14 to 85.25 % full sib group showed higher genetic similarity when compared to the non-in bred group. The genetic similarity based on band frequency ranged from 88.07 to 90.18 %, based on band frequency varied from 72.78 to 79.53 percent. The full sib and half sib groups showed maximum genetic similarity. The genetic distance between full sib and non-inbred groups was found to be the maximum (0.3176), while the minimum genetic distance (0.2290) was observed between full sib and half sib groups.

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