SinYoung Kim

SinYoung Kim

American Institute of Alternative Medicine, USA

Title: Health beliefs and breast cancer screening among Korean immigrant women


Sinyoung Kim is currently a nursing clinical faculty at the American Institute of Alternative Medicine in Columbus, Ohio. Originally from South Korea, Ms. Kim completed her Masters of Science in nursing degree from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. Her expertise is in clinical skills teaching as well as simulation. She has co-authored an article on Breast Health Education and Screenings for Asian Women.


Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women in the United States. Breast cancer screening with mammography has proved effective in reducing breast cancer mortality. While the incidence and overall mortality in Caucasian women has steadily decreased in the past decade, incidence and mortality rates among non-Caucasian, particularly Asian/Pacific Islander women has remained unchanged (CDC, 2012). Additionally, Korean immigrant women (KIW) living in the United States have extremely low screening rates as compared with other races (Lee, Fogg, & Saddler, 2006). There is a paucity of studies that focused on factors that influence screening rate in Korean women. The purpose of this pilot study is to identify key health beliefs that influence Korean immigrant women’s decision to participate in breast cancer screening so that the findings can contribute to increased KIW participation in breast health screening. Utilizing health belief theoretical model (Lee, Kim & Song, 2002) participants responded to two questionnaires used to measure the attitudes of KIW in their decision to have a mammogram. Certain health beliefs were significantly correlated with benefits and barriers of health screening. Focusing on improving health motivation through breast health education for this population will increase mammogram screening rate, thus increasing possibility toward improved overall health care.

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