Sivakumar Vallabhapurapu

Sivakumar Vallabhapurapu

University of Cincinnati, USA

Title: NF-kB signaling in B-cell malignancies


Sivakumar Vallabhapurapu has studied the NF-kB signaling and its role in the immune system and cancer for several years. Siva was trained as a molecular immunologist and cancer biologist and his current focus is to understand the nuclear regulation of individual NF-kB family members in normal and malignant cells. Moreover, his work focuses on identifying novel NF-kB gene regulatory complexes that are involved in tumor cell survival and growth. Siva’s work has been published in journals such as Nature Immunology, Journal of Experimental Medicine, Science, Cancer Cell etc., and has been highly cited.


This talk will focus on the regulation of NF-kB in B-cell malignancies such as Multiple Myeloma. Novel mechanism/s by which, NF-kB fine tunes the survival signals in Multiple Myeloma will be discussed. New advances in this area such as identification of a novel NF-kB gene regulatory complex and its role in tumor cell survival will be presented.

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