Sondra Bedwell

Sondra Bedwell

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, USA

Title: Patient Perception at Disclosure of T2DM and Suggestions to Providers


Sondra Bedwell is the Director of Nursing Education at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences – Southwest. She teaches graduate nursing courses for students pursuing a nurse practitioner specialty. She has been a family nurse practitioner in active clinical practice for 14 years and faculty for 11 years


The purpose of this qualitative study was to a) elicit patient suggestions that healthcare providers can use to enhance the experience of patients receiving the new diagnosis of T2DM and b) explore patient perception of his/her family’s response to the diagnosis. Six themes emerged to delineate family responses across a spectrum of potentially positive and negative influence: supportive,panicked, scolding, sabotaged,worried, and challenged. Five themes emerged regarding suggestions to providers: timing, education, tools, training, and action. Fourteen adult and geriatric patients newly diagnosed with T2DM at a rural family practice clinic shared their perceptions about family responses to their new diagnosis and gave suggestions for providers who are disclosing this diagnosis to patients. Patient suggestions to providers were varied and underscored many learning styles and education needs.As a family comes to terms with the lifestyle changes required in T2DM, they may also experience adjustments and challenges in their own environment that providers should help them address. Patient perception and response to his/her family reaction was also pivotal to diabetic management. Content and approaches suggested by patients with T2DM have the potential to assist other patients as they attempt to make the many changes necessary to manage a new diagnosis of T2DM and as they go home to disclose the diagnosis to family members. Patient needs assessment will help tailor interventions to each patient’s particular set of circumstances. Individualization through such approaches and interventions could be incorporated without great burden to healthcare providers.

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