Steven W. Ward

Steven W. Ward

Energy Ingenuity, Texas

Title: Wardforce, isolated from the North and South poles


I have worked, in my mind, on this project since I was 15 years old. The first prototype that demonstrated these reactions, regarding the attraction and repelling (Wardforce), was tested in 1988. I have demonstrated some of these devices and other technologies at many High Schools, a few Colleges and before lots of Educators, asking for help. Energy from Magnets, which was patented her in the USA in 2009, US patent # 7531930 Energy Producing Magnetic Converter outputs both electrical and mechanical energy. This process demonstrates Wardforce exists and can be used.


A piece of steel comes to both poles and then goes away from both poles (Gravity & Anti-Gravity). Is that space travel? A space ship made from steel that will go away from both poles and come to both poles, planets, without swapping any poles. This also points out that another part to the Magnetic Field exists that is not a pole at all that I call Wardforce. Wardforce can be defined as the force part of the Magnetic Field. This is allowing for an equal and opposite and shows respect to the theory of relativity, forward and backward motion.

Sign up early for a chance to attend the workshop where Wardforce will be demonstrated with physical devices. Wardforce, if you can define it, you can duplicate it. How can you find something if you don't know what it is, you cannot see it, hold it and you don't know it exists?