Subhasis Banerjee

Subhasis Banerjee

Merck Millipore, India

Title: Best practices for high concentration ultrafiltration applications


Subhasis Banerjee is Group Manager leading the Singapore & India Biomanufacuring Sciences Network Group, working for the last eight years in Merck Millipore. His expertise includes optimizing downstream unit operations and providing scale up solutions to biological manufacturers. He is a PhD and a postdoctoral researcher at The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA. He has several publications in international peer reviewed journals and presentations in several national and international conferences.


Tangential flow filtration (TFF) using ultrafiltration membranes are commonly used for the final formulation and concentration of monoclonal antibodies. Injection of liquid formulations is often the preferred method of administration for this therapeutics. In cases where high dosages are required, manufacturers frequently target high concentration liquid formulations which can result in high viscosity solutions. In ultrafiltration cassettes, specifically the pressure drop from the turbulence promoting feed screen, can limit the maximum achievable concentration at this stage. This talk presents a novel ultrafiltration feed screen designed for the efficient processing of high concentration applications. This seminar demonstrates that the novel feed screen with proper operation methodology allows end-users to achieve higher product concentrations and higher viscosities.

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