Sumita S. Satarkar

Sumita S. Satarkar

Aarogya Santulan, India

Title: Acupuncture healing in collagen induced arthritis


Dr Sumita Sarang Satarkar, a qualified , skilled medico established Aarogya Santulan in 1997 with an aim to provide painless relief to patients. She is recognized & celebrated Acupuncture expert , having achieved Gold Medal at her M.D. for her skills & expertise in the science of Acupuncture.


Chronic arthritis is one of the most challenging modern medical problems. Similarly Auto immune diseases including Rheumatoid arthritis with collagen show every combination & gradation from one another. Collagen induced arthritis is mediated by anti type 2 collagen auto immunity. It is probably initiated by binding of anti bodies to the surface of intact articular cartilage. For many people with joint pain, most of the medications commonly prescribed to relieve inflammation of joints are referred to in the literature as non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs which have been found to have serious side effects. It is a chronic inflammatory disease that is characterized by pain, swelling and stiffness of multiple joints usually resulting in progressive joint destruction, deformity and loss of function. It was very gratifying to finally see a large research study that confirms what we already know; Acupuncture decreases the pain, increases the mobility and finally heals arthritis. We have followed 2000 patients (year 2010- 2011) suffering from arthritis with different age groups and different causative factors.

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