Suryani Cahyatullah, is OB/GYN physician graduated from Kyushu University,Japan. She is active in various organizations andsocial activities is owner of Griya Sehat Thibbun Nabawy Al-Ammanah 381, and active with Cupping Associations Indonesiaand member of many reputed committees and associations.She has participated in five conferences. At present she is studying and dedicates her knowledge and skills on Islamic Medicine - especially Thibbun Nabawy (Hijamah or wet cupping treatment) and various other types of therapy.


Most parents fear that fever will cause brain damage.Generally, brain damage caused by fever will not happened except if the body temperature is exceeding 42°C. Most parents also fear that without treatment fever will continue to increase. But most of the time untreated fever caused by infection rarely exceed 40.6°C, except if the child is given an excessive clothing or stuck in a high temperature place. The thermostat in the brain will stop the fever before it reach 41.1°C. Though infection is the most common cause for fever, there are a long list of cause for fever, including poisons, cancer, and autoimmune diseases.Humans have a different iron substance in their blood. Heat can cause obstruction to cell activities resulting in low immunity to virus. Related to those, patient with high iron substance in their blood will have slow treatment reaction compared to patient with low iron substance in their blood. Research have proven that the disposal of part of the blood as in Hijamah (wet cupping) therapy is able to restore treatment reaction to become faster so that it can be used to accompany medical treatment. Hijamah (wet cupping) can stimulate red blood cells regeneration so that it will improve oxygenation of tissues and increase the level of natural antioxidants. Aside from that, Hijamah (wet cupping)is been proven only taking the part of damaged blood, - such as: abnormal red blood cell, keratin waste, etc., - but leave healthy blood cell in the body. We found that through Hijamah (wet cupping) treatment, there exists miracle in healing of variety of illness/diseases.