Swati P. Joshi

CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, India

Title: Bioactive natural products from Western Ghats



Biodiversity of Western Ghats is represented by huge chemical diversity. Very small fraction of this diversity has been explored for their usefulness. Phytochemical investigation of unexplored and underexplored plant species has tremendous potential to yield biologically and commercially important phytochemicals. With the development of modern techniques in the field of chromatography, spectroscopy and bioassay, now it is possible to investigate more and more biomaterials and come-up with new/ novel biomolecules. We have been involved in the phytochemical investigation of some interesting plant species with a view to identify bioactive compounds. This has lead to the isolation of new compounds belonging to various classes such as terpenoids, flavonoids, phenylpropenoids, and alkaloids. Some of these have exhibited biological activities that include anticancer, antifungal, and antimycobacterial activities. These molecules definitely have a potential to be developed into new drugs and other commercial products.