T Das

Raja N. L. Khan Women’s College, India

Title: Ultra structural alterations in gills of Labeo rohita exposed to thermal extremes


"T. Das has completed his Ph.D on Biochemical and Molecular aspects on fish against thermal stress and completed Post Doctoral Studies from Tokyo University of Marine Sciences and Technology. He has published more than seventeen International publications in peer reviewed international journals."


"Cellular alterations in gill of Labeo rohita exposed to lethal temperature maxima (LT Max) and lethal temperature minima (LT Min) studies, were assessed by means of Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). Acclimation of advanced fingerlings of Labeo rohita was carried out at 260C for 30 days. Acclimated fishes were subjected to a constant rate of increase or decrease (0.30C/min) until LT Max and LT Min were reached. Dissected out gills were processed for TEM, both at the end of acclimation period at ambient temperature (260C) and at lethal temperatures. Results indicated that at ambient temperature gill tissues appeared normal. However, significant changes observed at lethal temperatures. Gill tissues at lethal temperature maxima showed severely damaged lamellae, with more vacuolated space. At lethal temperature minima, gill tissues showed increased density of mitochondriae. Our prima-facie report indicates L. rohita demonstrates ultra structural changes in the gills against lethal temperatures."