Taketoshi Suehiro has completed his MD (1989) and PhD (2000) from Kyushu University. He did the clinical training and research of the liver transplantation in Mount Sinai Hospital, New York from 1993 to 1996. He is Assistant Director of Onga-Nakama Medical Association Onga Hospital. His specialty is wide with digestive organ surgery, endoscope, infectious disease, nutrition and so on. He has published more than 70 papers insurgical journals and has been serving as an Editorial Board Member of Hepato-Gastroenterology Journal.


We have developed the fi rst of its kind- automatic pharmaceutical and operating room product recognition system. Th is is a new and very novel technology and clearly the fi rst of its kind in the world: “CUMLUS”. Our intent is to examine the eff ectiveness and usefulness in the operating room of the hospital. We collected the data of G.I. surgery cases and we’re able to calculate procedure cost, improved billing accuracy by capturing missed charges and improved the effi ciency of the circulating nurse. Nurses were able to return to patient care versus focusing on logistic data entry. By using the CUMLUS system we observed a signifi cant savings and profi t realization. Th e overtime for the OR nurse was also reduced in half due to the reduction of ineffi cient nursing duties. Furthermore, as a result of cost analysis by data from the CUMLUS system, we were able to capture of 1,600 dollars per laparoscopic cholecystectomy procedure. Th is alone was a $80,000.00 annual savings. We concluded that the use of the CUMLUS system facilitated effi cient and accurate management of the Operating Room’s inventory. Th is system improved accuracy of patient billing, replenishment and timely purchasing allowing for real time inventory recognition and control plus provided immediate Profi t and Loss reports for each procedure. As a result, this improved quality of patient care versus logistical time spent on data entry.