Tapas Kumar Sar completed his Ph.D. in 2004 from Department of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology, West Bengal University of Animal & Fishery Sciences, Kolkata, India. At present he is working as Head of the Department. He has published 24 research papers in reputed International and National Journals. He has presented his research fi ndings in different International and National Conferences. He has contributed some chapters in Veterinary Pharmacology book and written popular articles in different technical bulletins.


Disposition of Ceft riaxone in ruminants is diff erent from human beings. So, disposition of Ceft riaxone was studied in Black Bengal goats following diff erent routes of parenteral administration @ 50 mg/kg. Plasma and milk concentration of Ceft riaxone and its metabolite was analyzed by HPLC. Th e kinetic behavior of Ceft riaxone followed ‘one compartment open model’ healthy non-lactating / lactating goats following intravenous administration. Th e mean value of t1/2 β was 0.19± 0.002 hr and 0.21± 0.01 hr in non-lactating and lactating goats, respectively. Th e mean Vd area value (0.47± 0.08 lit/ kg and 0.28± 0.01 lit/ kg) did not alter signifi cantly (p<0.05) between two groups. Th e pharmacokinetic profi le of Ceft riaxone showed major hepatic clearance compared to renal clearance in both the groups. Ceft riaxone could not be detected in urine but its active metabolite i.e. ceft izoxime was fi rst time identifi ed by determining its concentration till 72 hour post dosing. Ceft izoxime concentration in milk was also increased with advancement of time which peaked at 48 hour and persisted for a longer period following single intravenous dosing. Disposition of Ceft riaxone showed absorption and re-absorption phase following single intramuscular dosing and mainly ceft izoxime was excreted through urine while it was detected up to 24 hour post dosing in milk. Neither Ceft riaxone nor ceft izoxime could be detected in plasma and urine of lactating goats following intramammary administration, but only Ceft riaxone was available up to 36 hours pd in milk. Ceft riaxone induced cytochrome P450 in liver of the animals following single dose intravenous administration @ 50 mg/kg.

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