Teresa De Pilli is assistant professor in food technology at Foggia University, Italy. Her researches have been focused on cereal food, microwave drying and extrusion cooking, in particular the utilization of non-conventional flours (oat, bulk wheat, etc.) to produce functional pasta and bakery products. Currently, her researches are focused on biodegradable packaging obtained by extrusion-cooking and edible film. She is scientific research master in 3 projects. She has published more than 100 scientific publications, 2 chapter of book and 1 patent. She has been serving as an editorial board member of repute.


Sweet cherry is a precious fruit for the wealth of minerals, vitamins and other important protecting, detoxifying and purifying principles. These features make it interesting in terms of nutritional and health point of view. Many studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects on prevention of cardiovascular and articular diseases due to anti-inflammatory and analgesic action of sweet cherry. However, because of its seasonality it needs technological treatments to be preserved (jam, puree or semi-finished products for pastry) that could compromise its nutritional quality. The aim of this work was to study an innovative pastry with a topping made up of sweet cherries of ‘Ferrovia’ variety with functional properties and with a low content of cholesterol, fat and calories. The effect of ripening stage of sweet cherries used as a filling on qualitative and nutritional characteristics of final product during storage at room temperature without packaging was evaluated. The different ripeness of cherries influenced the mechanical properties of samples in particular; overripe cherries should not be used especially if packaging was not planned because of their greater dehydration during cooking and storage. Significant decrease of functional characteristics was highlighted on cherries with advanced maturity, which compromised the structural and functional properties of pastry. This is why harvest should be standardized for this type of product in order to obtain a product with good nutritional quality.

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