Thomas Adamski

Thomas Adamski

Jewish Home Lifecare, USA

Title: Home visit safety: The brain and behaviors


Thomas Adamski is the director of psychiatric programs for Jewish Home Lifecare, Community Services. He completed his Doctorate in Psychiatric Nursing at Teacher’s College Columbia University. He is nationally and internationally recognized in the areas of mental health, HIV, addiction and bereavement. He is a practicing psychotherapist in New York City and lectures extensively. He is a past Professor of Psychiatric Nursing at New York University and currently a preceptor of graduate nursing students at Hunter College of the City of New York.


This 1.5 hr program examines the human response to the stimulation of the intellectual, emotional, and motor domains of the brain. It connects the brain responses to observable physical behaviors which are the foundation of crisis management. Further this presentation suggests the use of spatial relations and therapeutic use of self as foundations to establish a “safe space” for clinicians to practice and practices some release techniques for both client and clinician safety.

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