Thomas J Morrow

Thomas J Morrow

Next IT Coporation, USA

Title: How virtual health assistants engage patients and transform behavior


Thomas J Morrow has over 30 years of experience across the healthcare industry, both in clinical practice, as a managed care executive and as a biopharmaceutical medical director and writer (authoring nearly 100 publications). His main interest is in finding ways in which technology can help patient outcomes by improving upon the 50% patient-adherence rate that is typical for most prescriptions for the treatment of chronic illness. It is his belief that virtual health assistants hold the key to solving this problem and that they’ll help more people enjoy healthy lives.


Discover why natural-language enabled technology will extend the healthcare professionals’ ability to deliver personalized service. The author, who is in the nation’s longest-running healthcare technology column printed in the U.S., will explain how virtual health assistants provide high-touch interaction with patients via their computer or smartphone; allow providers to monitor patient’s health; and increase adherence and improve outcomes.

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