Tiah Rachmatiah has bachelor degree from University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia and Ph. D from University of Indonesia, Depok, Indonesia. Her area of research is phytochemistry and bioactive compounds from natural products. Currently, she is serving as Lecturer at Pharmacy Department, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, National Institute of Science and Technology (ISTN), Jakarta, Indonesia.


A study of alkaloidal content and its activity against Plasmodium falciparum has been conducted on bark of Actinodaphne macrophylla (Lauraceae). The bark was obtained from Bogor Botanical Garden, West Java, Indonesia. Crude alkaloidal extract was prepared by maceration in dichloromethane after moistened with NH4OH 25%. A major alkaloid was isolated by column chromatography using silica gel and a mixture of CH2Cl2 and methanol as gradient solvent system. Fine white needle crystals were obtained from the isolation process and its molecular structure was determined by analysis of spectra of NMR, IR, MS and compared by references. In vitro bioactivity test of the compound was performed against P. falciparum. The results showed that the bark of A. macrophylla contained an aporphine alkaloid, actinodaphnine that had activity against P. falciparum with IC50 value of 0.095 µg/mL.