Uday Venkat Mateti

Uday Venkat Mateti

Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Title: Management of anemia among hemodialysis patients in a tertiary care hospital: A cost of illness study


Uday Venkat Mateti obtained a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Manipal University in India in the year 2011. He is currently pursuing PhD in “Pharmaceutical Care and Pharmacoeconomic studies among Chronic Kidney Disease Patients on Hemodialysis” at Manipal University, since 01 Dec 2012. He has contributed 3 book chapters for the text book of “Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Care”, as well as had over 25 publications in reputed journals. He has been awarded the prestigious grants from International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (2011-2012 and 2012-2013), USA, and Asian Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology, Hong Kong (2013) for his scholarly work. He will be designing a novel program to counsel the pharmacists to play a vital role in improving health care in the areas of community, clinical and hospital pharmacy.


The objective of study is to analyze the cost of illness in the management of anemia among hemodialysis patients. Prospective observational study for a period of 8 months was conducted after the approval of the protocol by the Ethics Committee. The patients of both gender aged between 18-75 years were enrolled in the management of anemia with erythropoietin (EPO). The data related to the cost and the number of units for EPO, iron and vitamin supplements were recorded and computed on weekly basis. Hemoglobin levels were recorded every month. The number of subjects included in the study was 62 out of 96 patients. On an average, each subject was administered 30.68 of EPO doses equivalent to 127601.35 IU. The iron supplements and vitamins constituted 17.64 doses and 36.55 doses respectively. The response of above-mentioned treatment reflected raise in 8.68 g/dl hemoglobin levels per patient per 8 months. The cost of EPO for doses administered was 124739.92 INR (2074.68 USD), iron supplements 6350.4 INR (105.62USD), vitamin supplements 1780.22 INR (29.61USD). In addition, the laboratory charges for the measurement of hemoglobin levels were 370 INR (6.15 USD) per patient per 8 months. Study reveals 64.58% of patients were economically sound to undergo the treatment with EPO. Eighteen patients were covered by Employees' State Insurance and 2 patients supported by their employers on reimbursement basis and the remaining 40 patients borne the expenses by themselves. The study revealed that the average cost in the management of anemia among hemodialysis per patient per 8 months was 133240.54 INR (2216.06 USD).