Uma Aulwar has completed her Ph.D at the age of 35 years from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad. She is working as Asst. Prof. in S.P.College, Pune since from 3 years. She has published 4 papers in reputed journals.


Success of fermentation process depends on both the choice of correct microorganism and the fermentation medium. The medium should be easily procurable, abundant and economic. Synthetic media is unsuitable during large scale production due to their high / prohibitive cost therefore it is necessary to search for a suitable medium obtainable for cheaper natural resources. It was from this point of view DPJ (Deproteinised Juice) medium obtained from plant leaves were used for finding out their ability for production of biosurfactant. When synthetic media were replaced by cheaper alternative media as cheese, whey, molasses and DPJ, fermentations were effective with high yields of biosurfactant production in DPJ. GN medium was used as control.DPJ of different plant leaves were used. Fungi isolated from different soil samples were screened for biosurfactant production and identified as Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus flavus, Penicillium sp. and Rhizopus sp.DPJ was found supportive for optimum biosurfactant production by Rhizopus sp. as compared with GN medium.