Uma Chandur

Uma Chandur

Andhra University College of pharmaceutical sciences, India

Title: Evaluation of the anti-inflammatory activity of the leaves of Hymenodictyon excelsum, wall.


Uma Chandur is currently pursuing Ph.D. in Pharmacognosy under the guidance of Prof Dr.Ganga Rao Battu, from Andhra University college of pharmaceutical sciences, vizag.She has published 3 scientific papers in international journals and presented posters in national and international conferences.


The leaves of the plant, Hymenodictyon excelsum, Wall, Family: Rubiaceae was evaluated for anti-inflammatory activity by carrageenan induced oedema method. The hydro alcoholic extract (70%ethanol in water) of the leaves of the plant was subjected to Acute toxicity study (OECD guidelines No425).The extract was administered in doses 200mg/kg and 400mg/kg body weight, per oral to albino wistar rats(groups of 6) weighing 150-220 gm. The control group received the vehicle, sodium CMC (1%in distilled water) and the standard group received Indomethacin (100mg/kg body weight). Inflammation was induced by injecting carrageenan into the sub plantar region of the left hind paw of the rats. The oedema was measured at 0 hour, 1st hour, 2nd hour, 3rd hour, 4th hour, 5th hour, and 6th hour using Zeitlins apparatus. The percentage increase in oedema was compared and percentage inhibition of oedema was calculated. Results were subjected to Two- way Anova using Graphpad prism 6 software to estimate the statistical significance of the data. Acute toxicity study indicates that extract did not induce any toxic reactions at dose 2000mg/kg body weight. The percentage inhibition of oedema at 4th hour of the dose 200mg/kg was 42.62±2.272%, and the dose 400mg/kg was 62.63%, the standard 61.78±0.00%.Two way Anova study using Graphpad Prism 6 software indicates a p value of <0.0001****( highly significant).

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