Umakanta Pattnayak

Umakanta Pattnayak

Dibyadhama Hospitals, India

Title: Clinical profile and Ayurveda treatment outcome in ano-rectal pain and bleeding


Dr. Umakanta Pattnayak is passed BAMS from Utkal University in 1994 with Hons. Dr Pattnayak stated his own practice in 1994 to popularise Ayurveda in Orissa and rest of the country. He is founder and managing director of Divyadham groups of Ayurveda hospital. Now Divyadham has 10 branches in Orissa , West Bengal and Sikkim. He has attended more than 40 national and international seminar and presented papers. His areas of interest are-panchakarma, ksharasutra, and leech therapy in skin care. He organised one workshop for beautician and many delivered lectures on natural products and skin care.


Anal pain, anal lump and rectal bleeding are very common complain of benign ano-rectal disorders like- hemorrhoid, proctatitis, fissure in Ano ,fistula in ano, fecal incontinence, etc which generate significant discomfort and disabilities. Both Susruta and Charak narrated the ano-rectal diseases with surgical procedures like- Kshara(alkali cauterization), Agni(cauterization), Sastra (Surgery) , and bhesaja ( pharmaco-therapy) in 2000B.C. Four thousand years have passed since Susruta writing and Science of medicine has taken enormous leaps yet we continued to struggle with ano-rectal diseases. Very little evidence based studies and no outcome studies are available to meet the demand of aware citizen, health provider and policy maker. Therefore this prospective study was conducted in Dibyadhama hospitals located at different parts of Orissa to study prevalence, patient demography, clinical characteristic and treatment outcome of practiced Ayurveda treatment and procedure of anal pain and bleeding by repeated fellow up between January 2010 to Dec 2012. Total 247 patients were reported in our hospital for anal pain and bleeding. 52% cases were diagnosed as hemorrhoid followed by 30% cases anal fissure. Hemorrhoid , fistula in Ano and proctatitis were more found in male patients whereas fissure was more found in female patients. Kshara sutra therapy was instituted to 162 patients of fistula in –ano and selective 37 cases of hemorrhoid. Jatyadi taila application was found be best external application in anal fissure followed by Triphala kwatha seize bath. Panchasaka churna was found to be best bowel regulator in anal fissure cases and Triphala gugulu has good clinical out come in anal fissure and hemorrhoid. Kshara sutra therapy was found a non invasive technique to complete cure of fistula in Ano. Our treatment protocol has been providing good clinical outcome in 92% cases of anal pain and bleeding . More control clinical trial is recommended to generate more evidence in ano-rectal diseases.

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