Ushakiran Sisodia

Ushakiran Sisodia

Dr. Balabhai Nanavati Hospital, India

Title: Correlation between skipping of breakfast, late night dinner with depression & obesity in woman


Ushakiran sisodia CDE, R.D (Registered Dietician 1995), M.Sc (Foods &Nutrition) Gold medallist (1986) Rajasthan (INDIA) N.E member IDA, also a Joint sec. of IDA 2006 & Active L.E.C member, years 2001 -2005, LM of NEC Hyderabad State (INDIA) LM no is 1999. L.M Indian Dietetic Association 234, ICDA Member. Published articles on all kinds of health issues in Marathi news paper/ Indian express/ Sakaal from Pune/ Navbharat times/ Hindustan times from time to time. Presented Research paper in ICDA, 2008 Yokohama, Japan & EFAD conference 2005 Geneva Switzerland. At Present HOD, Nanavati superspeciality Hospital (Mumbai) INDIA, since 14 yrs. winner of the prestigious A. N Radha Award 2004 & 2005 for practsing dietician (IDA); Taking lecture in college of nursing 2nd year degree affiliated with Maharasta university ,Training Indian students appearing in Registered dietician exam. Written a book for Road toward healthy heart


Today obesity in spite of all advanced technology it taking epidemic, Skipping breakfast, late night dinner, depression and obesity. Fast moving life we forgot totally bodily requirement. Depression increases weight over the period A study of working women total no 400 ,BMI between 35 – 40 Dropped out 78 ,Could not follow 68 , remaining followed carried out Method: A Performa was developed, history, diet recall as well as medical history, physical activity, any specific disease associated with obesity, BMI calculated/biochemical test performed Total cholesterol and Triglycerides, interview with present problem associated with weight gain in relation to depression Results were encouraging: A creative approach helps the woman. Reduced BMI, don’t have to do sleeve gastrectomy Balloon blowing & walking help them Inch loss was more then weight loss if not taking breakfast and late night dinner having low HDL, and low energy level. Those having good breakfast and early dinner give result weight loss as well reduced depression. Diet plan introduction of dry ginger powder (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) and Curcuma longa was introduced, Phyllanthus emblica, increase lime intake in meal @Meal time 7 pm (dinner) Breakfast regular ,depression reduced more confident , suggestions at Government level, encourage breakfast centre with FDA standard, Time at which we eat is most important.