Dr. V.C. Gupta has completed his Ph.D at the age of 28 years from University of Kashmir, and served more than 30 years in research at Central Research Institute of Unani Medicine, Hyderabad under Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine, New Delhi, Dept. of AYUSH, Govt. of India. He has published more than 40 papers in reputed peer reviewed national & international journals and presented papers in various conferences and seminars. He has been working and contributing his research experiences in the area of Taxonomy, herbal drugs and pharmacognosy.


Whereas on one hand demand for the medicinal plants is increasing year after year, at the same time on the other hand many of the important plant species are fast disappearing due to various biotic factors such as fires, grazing and illicit removing of these plants etc. so much so that some of the medicinal plant species are in danger Wof getting extinct. This has resulted not only in desertification of this problem has to be, therefore, considered in order to evolve proper steps of Agro-techniques for the cultivation and ensuring regular supply of medicine plants. As a positive step in this direction the Institute initiated germplasm collection of Unani medicinal plants from the different agro-climatic regions of Andhra Pradesh Forests and transplanted in its herbal garden. The results are encouraging in terms of multiplication and conservation of genetically important medicinal plants. The paper shall discuss importance of the study and details of various agro techniques employed

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