Vasantha Kumari Neela

Universiti Putra Malaysia Malaysia

Title: Could clinical Stenotrophomonasmaltophilia be a potential pathogen in clinical setting?



S. maltophilia which is an environment pathogen has recently emerged as nosocomial pathogen. In clinical setting, it usually infects immunocompromised patients by forming biofilm in the lines and catheters, thereby causing systemic infections. Although S. maltophilia are associated with a wide range of infections, bacteraemia/sepsis and respiratory illness are the most common cause of mortality. Its intrinsic resistance to most antibiotics and problems associated with in vitro susceptibility testing makes the therapeutic success always a challenge. In clinical setting, it’s always a debate whether S. maltophilia is a true pathogen or only a colonizer with multiple drug resistance property. We investigated the pathogenic potential of S. maltophilia isolated from various clinical presentations and compared with environmental strain. Virulence potential of S. maltophilia will be explained during the presentation.

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