Veena Raigangar

Veena Raigangar

University of Sharjah

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Veena Raigangar has been working as a lecturer with the Department of Physiotherapy at the University of Sharjah, U.A.E for the last nine years. In addition to her Master's in Physiotherapy, she has completed her master's and has a keen interest in educational research. She has presented a number of lectures/ seminars in International educational conferences and has published many research papers in international peer reviewed journals. She wishes to further pursue her Ph.D. and work as a volunteer for nonprofit bodies.


A “one-minute paper” may be defined as a very short, in-class writing activity in response to an instructor-posed question, which prompts students to reflect on the day’s lesson and provides the instructor with useful feedback. Traditionally this has been used as a content centered instructor feedback strategy, however it has an important role in facilitating student reflection and student-instructor rapport.
Method: The theoretical basis, variations and time lines of minute papers in the classroom will be discussed based on the goal of the instructor/ session. Also considering that students in this region are not used to such writing, strategies to encourage this will be presented. Results: Experiences of actual use in the classroom, especially to promote higher order thinking and reflection together with examples of work produced by the physiotherapy students will be discussed with some guidelines for implementation to simplify the process.
Conclusion: Advantages and Disadvantages of use will be highlighted along with information on how these minute papers could provide an insight into student learning. Implementing such practices even at the level of high school could facilitate greater self awareness and self reflection at a younger age.