Vibha Singh

Vibha Singh

King George Medical University, India

Title: Honey a sweet approach to Alveolar osteitis


Dr. Vibha Singh has done her graduation and post graduation from King George Medical University Lucknow ,Uttar Pradesh, India .She is working as Professor in the department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in the same institute . She has published 70 scientific papers in various national and international journals .Apart from surgical procedures, her area of interest is herbal medicines. She is serving as Associate Editor of National Journal of Maxillofacial surgery and reviewer in various reputed journals.


Introduction - Honey is one of the oldest known medicine that has continued to be used up present times in the folk medicine .It has been reported from various clinical studies on the uses of honey as a dressing on infected wound that the wound become sterile in 3-6 days. Material and Methods - The 20 patients of dry socket were selected from the from the outpatient department of oral and maxillofacial surgery. The informed consent was be taken prior to treatment. Patients with systemic illness like diabetes, pregnant and lactating female were not included in the study. Sterile gouge soaked with honey was used as dressing. A diagnosis of dry socket was made clinically. This packing was changed until the post operative pain symptoms subsided. This study was under taken to evaluate the effect of honey dressing in management of dry socket. Conclusion - In the present study honey was used for the management of dry socket as a dressing material and results were very promising, pain was subsided from the very first dressing and complete resolution occurred in all the patients in 3-4 days. There was no allergic reaction reported .Honey can be used as an alternative for traditional Zinc oxide dressing for the management of dry socket.