Dr Vinod Kumar Gupta, Assistant Professor with Department of Zoology, C.M.D. Post Graduate College, Bilaspur (Chhattisgargh), India was born on Sept.7th, 1956. Obtained and Graduation and post graduation in Zoology from University of Allahabad (U.P.) India. Working on the construction of and characterisation some minimal protocell-like microstructures, “Jeewanu” reported by Late Prof Krishna Bahadur (India) in a laboratory simulated possible prebiotic atmosphere of some inorganic and organic substances.


Irradiated sterilised aqueous mixture of ammonium molybdate, diammonium hydrogen phosphate, biological minerals and formaldehyde showed photochemical formation of minimal protocell-like assemblies, “Jeewanu” capable of showing multiplication by budding, grow from within and metabolic activities (1). The scanning probe microscopic investigations using optical microscope, SCM, TEM and AFM and cytochemical investigations have shown that they have a doubled walled boundary and an intricate internal structure. Jeewanu have been found to catalyse photocatalytic decomposition of water using sunlight as a source of energy. It was found that hydrogen thus evolved was utilised in photochemical fixation of nitrogen and carbon dioxide (2,3). In prebiotic atmosphere photosynergistic collaboration of photoautocatalytic cycles at mesoscopic level led to self organisation of amphiphillic moieties and emergence of supramolecular energy transuding assemblies similar to Jeewanu which might have given rise earliest living systems on the earth.