Dr. Mohammed Abdul Waheed, currently working as Director, Central research Institute of Unani Medicine, Hyderabad, India published many research paperson Unani medicine in International and national journals and attended national and International conferences. Presented more than 40 papers as author and around 20 papers as co-author. Vitiligo being his topic of interest, enormous contribution is done by Dr. Waheed concerned with Vitiligo in delivering lectures, conducting workshops, contributing research papers and also got knowledge on remedies dealing with vitiligo.


Vitiligo, an idiopathic, usually progressive, cosmetic disfigurement results from depigmentation of a skin. Usually no age is exempted. Despite of lack of serious medical connotations, this is one skin condition associated with tremendous social stigma, affecting 0.5-4% of the World Population1. 4775 self reporting clinically diagnosed Vitiligo patients were treated and evaluated once in three months for 18 months in relation to their mode and rate of regimentation as follicular and peri-lesional in relation to the site and extension of lesions. The response was assessed in relation to different ages, duration of disease, clinical involvement (Types of Vitiligo) as dermatomal, mucosal, acrofacial, vulgaris and non-dermatomal2,3. 4775 patients were treated with UNIM 001 + 003(coded) drugs for both systemic and topical use. Both topical and systemic formulations were effective in repigmenting the depigmented macules. However, the therapeutic outcome was high in non-dermatomal Vitiligo which showed mean 64.05 + 23.13 and dermatomal Vitiligo recorded 54.83 + 21.81 mean percent repigmentation, had significantly responded than other types of vitiligo p<0.001. Whereas mucosal Vitiligo regained 39.05+14.89 repigmentation p<0.05.The treatment was equally effective in both extensive and non-extensive depigmented macules. However, lesions on scalp, face, limbs and trunk have responded significantly than other sites p<0.05. The role of other factors which come across during the course of repigmentation will be discussed in full length.
Acknowledgments:Thanks to the Clinical Research Team of Central Research Institute of Unani Medicine, Hyderabad for conducting Clinical trials on Herbal Medicines in Vitiligo Management.

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