Waruna Gunathilake

Waruna Gunathilake

National Hospital of Srilanka, Srilanka

Title: Detergent



Deliberate ingestion of seemingly innocuous household washing powder is common in southern province of Sri Lanka. The 2 sachets, composed "Prinso" is manufactured by small scale entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka, and it contains 8-10 g of oxalic acid sachet and the other contains 0.5- 1 g of potassium permanganate. Both compounds exert a corrosive influence on the gastro intestinal system. Severely intoxicated patients manifests methaemoglobinaemia and hypocalcaemia associated acute renal failure. The main toxicity and the mortality were related to its intense corrosive effect on gastro intestinal tract with renal failure. Raised serum creatinine was a helpful marker in recognition of early renal damage. It was also observed that there was a striking gender differentiation with preponderance towards females. Antidote methylene blue is useful in treatment for methaemoglobinaemia. Even though the Sri Lankan government has banned the above product, several years ago, cases were still a common phenomenon in rural Sri Lankan setting. There were a considerable number of deaths reported due to "Prinso" poisoning.

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