Dr.Xi-Long Zheng is a professor at University of Calgary, Canada.


In addition to the lipid-lowering eff ects, statins have direct eff ects on the blood vessel, which also contribute to the decrease of morbility and mortality of cardiovascular disease. It is well known that inhibition of HMG-CoA reductase CoA reduces production of isoprenoid intermediates in the cholesterol biosynthetic pathway, but also deceases post-translational modifi cations of various signaling proteins, such as RhoA. Th is eff ect on peripheral tissues or cells likely contributes to non-lipid-lowering eff ects by statins. Th erefore, we have examined the direct eff ects of statins on vascular smooth muscle In vitro and In vivo. Our studies have established that myocardin, a coactivator of serum response factor (SRF), may become the target for drug development to hypertension treatment.

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