Yi Jiang

Yi Jiang

National Institute of Communicable Disease Control & Prevention Chinese Center for Disease Control & Prevention, P. R. China

Title: Mycobacterium tuberculosis


Yi Jiang was from National Istitute of Communicable Disease Control, China


Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the most successful pathogen with multiple mechanisms to subvert host immune response, resulting in insidious disease. There are few studies on whether the bacteria undergo antigenic variation in response to host immune pressure. Studies on T cell epitopes of M. tuberculosis can help us further understand the mechanism of interaction between the bacteria and host immune system. In this strudy, we selected 180 M. tuberculosis complex in China, amplified 462 experimentally verified human T cell epitopes, sequenced and compared the results to analyze the diversity of those epitopes. It proved that a large majority human T cell epitopes of M. tuberculosis are conserved. However, polymorphisms of T cell epitopes indicated different categories of proteins suffered divergence from host immune pressure. Moreover, Beijing strains are more conservative than non-Beijing strains in T cell epitopes, which might make them easier to transmit than non-Beijing strains.